Videographer for Dance Recitals

Videographer for Dance Recitals

June is dance recital month. The beginning of May our phone doesn’t stop ringing as dance studios scramble at the last minute trying book there dance recital videographer. The majority of the time we hear that the videographer they booked, backed out at the last minute or did a terrible job on the last recital.

We have been filming recitals for the past 17 years. The challenge has been, how to please everyone who purchases a dvd. Everyone wants to see their kid dancing. There certainly is an art to filming a recital and to make sure everyone is happy. We have developed a format that makes everyone happy.

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If you decide to hire a videographer other then us, I would recommend that you ask to see their work. Ask them how long will it take to get the finished product? Do they bring backup equipment? Do they mic the stage to hear the tap dancing? Do they get an audio feed from the mixing board? Can parents order dvds online? Will they supply a sales table and staff it? All of these questions are very important. They way the videographer answers them should be a good indication as to whether they should be filming your dance recital.

For more information about filming dance recitals, please contact us at 443-871-5624

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