Dance Recital Videos

Project Description

We have been videotaping dance recitals since 1999. We plan, set up sales structure, shoot and edit dance recitals, choir competitions, cheerleading competitions or other school events. We finish the event in a custom packaged DVD which we can distribute for you.
To add to the excitement of recital day, we can assemble a pre-show video using stills, video clips and stock shots which will pump up the crowd and market the studio.

The dance studios we work with receive a great product! Because of this, many of our clients have consistently hired us to film their dance recitals year after year.

We offer various options for videotaping recitals and competitions.

Option 1
Most of our performance videotaping is done ‘on speck’ meaning you do not pay us for production costs. We come out and do the job free! However, we do request a minimum amount of DVD’s purchased. Usually we need a minimum of 30 DVDs to book your recital. Our DVD’s are chaptered so you can go to each dance quickly.

Option 2
You pay us a flat rate for a predetermined amount of DVD’s. You can then sell them at whatever price you choose. Or you can take the DVD master elsewhere and duplicate them yourself. It’s up to you

Another option for financing the DVD production is to include the price of one DVD into your ‘recital fee’ or ‘entree fee’. This way, every family receives a DVD of the performance. There is a bit more of work on your part, but the price per DVD can drop drastically.

We film each dance recital or competition with two cameras, one manned for close-ups and one un-manned for wide shot(over $6,000 worth of professional gear). We also mic the stage to hear the tap dancers, singers and cheering loud and clear.

We deliver the DVD’s within 4-6 weeks of your recital or competition. We have a great customer service policy – with all the DVD’s guaranteed or your money back.

Your performance is important to you and to us. We edit in the title of each routine and cut out the time between each routine. We provide the order forms and can provide a sales table on the day of the performance and do all of the collecting of payments. Or, if you like, you can collect all the video orders instead.

Please call us if you’re interested in having your dance recital, or competition videotaped. We service Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC and Virginia.

Dance Video, South Carolina

Dance Recital Video, Pittsboro NC

Dance Recital Video – Annapolis

Dance Recital Video – Raleigh, NC

Dance Recital Video – Severna Park, MD

Ballet Art Academy – Upper Marlboro, MD

Dance Recital – MD

Dance Recital Video – Mebane, NC

Dance Recital Pre-Show

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