Teleprompter Services

Project Description

For ease of on-camera presentation, a teleprompter is a primary tool. It is similar to news readers allowing the speaker to look directly at the camera while reading a script. This makes it ideal for instructional videos and executive presentations.
It provides steady, on- screen flow of the words of your business/government training video, marketing/instructional video, or a welcome video message placed on your website.
We can mount a prompting display on a fluid head for moving shots, or support a prompting display on a tripod if the shot is static. A teleprompter, also, provides a built in word processor, spell check, import function for text, and adjustable font size and screen size. Last minute changes are easy, no text is lost because of wrongly shuffled pages, and, for singers performing in a music videos, there is the reassurance of ever-present lyrics if need be.
Above all, the advantage of a teleprompter is the conveyance of eye contact with your audience when watching on screen. The speaker looks natural and assured. There are no umms and ahhhs. There is a personal connection to the viewer. Just what you want.
Our technicians are punctual, professional, courteous and discreet. We generally adhere to “business casual” dress for indoor events, or “weather appropriate” for outdoors.
Service includes through-the-lens prompter, AC cables and power strips, mounting hardware and tools for the camera tripod, a laptop with software, and a tripod with 8’ max height. We would need a table and chair for the technician and easy access to AC.
In Focus Studios can provide a teleprompter for whatever might be your need.

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