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Project Description

Market research summarizes client information in order for you to define your markets, know each segment in detail. We make research pay by delivering well targeted messages professional written and shot.

Marketing uses a variety of approaches to get to the sale. For example, social media messages are “right” for younger clients, and website video appeals to professional, B-to-B clients. We create effective video messages for each of your company’s many potential buyers. No cookie cutter video here. Imaginative corporate image, point of purchase, product demonstration or service videos set your company apart. Each written and shot to appeal to the targeted market.

Tangible products and service products require different approaches. Higher value is placed on product performance for tangible product marketing materials. For a service product, experience is more highly valued. Our videos can significantly increase your lead generation.
Wharton School of Business found that Prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used. Also, there is a 51% greater understanding of a subject or product through video. The study also discovered that video sped-up buying decisions by 70%.
In addition, live streaming or webcasting of training sessions, conferences, music concerts, sporting events and public speaking engagements draws interest in your company and retains it.
Contact us to discuss your project. Be sure to check out some of our recent work.

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