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Project Description

Medical lectures, in-company seminars, chamber events, academic lectures , in fact business events of all kinds are covered by In Focus Studios. We can produce a video that resonates with your market. Have our professional staff record your seminar or lecture to maximize the return on your investment. We can capture your event with crystal clear audio and HD video. Our AV crew will take care of the technical side of things, leaving you to do what you know best! When all said and done, we’ll deliver your live video production in a professional manner that may be posted on your website, as a live stream or burned to DVD.

What are some of the benefits of videotaping a seminar or lecture?
1. Allows a participant to see multiple lectures held at the same time
2. Gives a person unable to attend, access to the information
3. Saves money on airfare, hotel because a person can watch online
4. Lectures can be put in a keyword search able database
5. Allows a participant who didn’t follow a particular point to pause and replay the video, or pause and consult another source
6. Use video captured at your event to create an attractive webinar series

In Focus Studios has the experience and knowledge to deliver your lecture or seminar, whether it is a video capture or audio capture. It doesn’t matter if your lecture is attended by 50 people or 10,000 people, we have captured them all. Our goal at In Focus Studios is to provide the best service for your live event. We realize that you are our customer, but as a promoter of the DVD, seminar or meeting, you may have thousands of customers. What we do impacts the future success of your next event. Our camera crews are based in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, North Carolina, Annapolis, Baltimore, Potomac, Maryland and Washington DC areas. We service the entire United States.

Seminar footage

Conference footage

Panel Discussion, DC Senate Building

Live Seminar Video Coverage – DC

Live Lecture, Chapel Hill

Live Talk

Live workshop - NC

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