Aerial Videography

Project Description

Before you read on, please note that our pilot has all the requirements to fly legally. Safety is a top priority! Whomever you use for your drone services, be sure their UAV is registered and they are insured.

UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE (UAV) photography and videography using highly maneuverable remote control multi-rotor copters allows us to get high quality shots in situations not possible with a full-size helicopter.

A conventional aircraft must stay above 300 feet for safe operation.

With lower set-up times when compared to traditional aerial solutions, and the ability to shoot ‘beyond-the-crane’, In Focus Studios Aerial Video is the obvious solution for your next production.

With camera equipped remote control multi-rotor copters we can shoot HD aerial videos and images anywhere from ground level all the way up to 400 feet. Creating movies or images for concerts, sporting events, real estate and so much more. The freedom of movement allows for a unique perspective previously unattainable with other devices.

Aerial video for real estate

Company marketing aerial video

Aerial For Builder

Aerial video for business

Aerial View of Horse Farm

Aerial for Real Estate

Aerial Videography

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