Deliver Your Dance Recital Online

Dance recital delivery methods have changed a lot since 1999. Here at In Focus Studios, we started out delivering recitals on vhs tapes and then quickly transferred to dvd when they became the mainstream delivery method. Up until a few years ago, producing a dvd was the best way to deliver to the masses. Yes, […]

Videographer for Dance Recitals

June is dance recital month. The beginning of May our phone doesn’t stop ringing as dance studios scramble at the last minute trying book there dance recital videographer. The majority of the time we hear that the videographer they booked, backed out at the last minute or did a terrible job on the last recital. […]

The SEO Benefits of Video

Business videos have numerous advantages over plain text on a website – it is, indeed a selling point. Videos are, now, one of the most valuable tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These days, we take a blended search results – video, text, PDF, blogs, and images – for granted, however a couple of years […]

Why Is It Important to Put Video on Your Website?

Ever heard anyone say “I won’t see it until I believe it”? Well, that does seem to be quite the case in reality. It has been proven that websites with videos have a better output when compared to those with static content. Videos are more interesting and fun, in comparison to plain text. Branding with […]

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