Corporate Videos

Corporate videos require a joint effort between the corporation and the production company. Whether a product or service is the subject, there are preliminary decisions to make that hold for both. Here are several questions that need to be answered in order to assure a terrific corporate video.

• What is the aim of the video?
• What problem is to be solved by the video?
• What needs to be shot?
• Will photographs be utilized?
• Do you want talent to be hired (actors, voice over)?
• Do you want effects? Graphics? Animation?
• Do you want music? Original score? Stock music?
• What is the length of the video?
• And above all, who is the audience?

In discussing these questions with the production company keep in mind several simple guidelines.

• Shorter is better
• Simple vocabulary is better
• Showing is better than telling

In Focus Studios has the experience to take all this information and meld it into a single, well shot and edited video that speaks to your targeted audience. We will tell your story. We will wrap up your video so that it meets the aim, answers the problem, resolves the conflict, and leaves the viewer with something to think about.

Video is the most persuasive marketing tool because it uses multiple tools to create impact. No cookie cutter results here. In Focus Studios will give you a one- of- a- kind result.
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