Meet Our Crew


Jeff Philips

Jeff founded In Focus Studios in 1999 primarily filming weddings. After 3 years in the business he met his mentor, a former producer of the Today Show. She showed Jeff the ins and outs of corporate video. Since then he has established the company as a versatile production facility.
A few things that may interest you about Jeff that relates to his passion for video. He grew up playing baseball, basketball, football and was a premier racquetball player for 20 years. This has helped him relate to his athletic clientele who come to him looking to play at the next level. His passion to make music videos comes from his 15 years as a drummer.
Finally, Jeff grew up in an entrepreneurial family and at the age of 9 started receiving indirect training by watching his parents as to what it was like to run a business. As a result, Jeff is very adaptable whether he is working with a business, government agency, or non-profit organization. He has helped small businesses solve budget challenges, non-profits get focused on their message and saving government agencies from near catastrophe during live events.


JJ McQueen
Camera Operator/Editor

JJ has a BS Broadcast Journalism degree from East Carolina University. While studying, he was a star athlete on the football field. As a result, he is an excellent sports shooter.  He also has a passion for documentary style filming. He has been shooting for In Focus Studios for since 2004.


Richard Loebelson
Sound Technician/Camera Operator

Richard has been in the video business since the early 80’s. He has seen the industry change from shooting on beta tape to sd cards. He comes prepared to handle and situation regarding sound and video. Richard has been part of the In Focus Studios team since 2002.


David Morley
Editor/Camera Operator

David’s fifteen years in television/film production and post production have instilled in him the ability to adapt quickly to different environments and production styles. He is an extremely efficient and creative professional who takes pride in his high creative and technical standards. We are very happy to bring David on board in early 2015.


Walter Abbasi
Animator/Motion Graphics

Walter is a highly talented animator. His ability to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality is a testament to his attention to detail.



Marty Miller
Drone Operator

Marty is our drone pilot. He is insured and takes safety very seriously. He served in the Navy and the Army National Guard as a helicopter mechanic and never lost his passion to fly. Marty has worked with In Focus Studios since 2015.

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