Why Is It Important to Put Video on Your Website?

Ever heard anyone say “I won’t see it until I believe it”? Well, that does seem to be quite the case in reality. It has been proven that websites with videos have a better output when compared to those with static content. Videos are more interesting and fun, in comparison to plain text. Branding with […]

The filming of a music celebrity

I grew up playing the piano, trumpet and my most favorite, the drums. At the height of my musical career(if you can call it a career), our band played at school dances and local bars throughout Maryland. It was a great time of my life! I would dream of one day playing at the big […]

Can drones see inside my house?

Drones are great machines. It is a fantastic tool that has allowed film makers to get shots never possible before. These are not toys and they are regulated by the FAA. The department of transportation will also regulate them as well in the near future. They are treated the same way as a 747 even […]

Hiring a wedding photographer – things to consider

Jeff: Hello everybody, I’m Jeff Philips. Welcome to this webisode. We like to bring in businesses to share tips and ideas about their industry. Today I have Kevin Seifert with Kevin Seifert Photography. Kevin, welcome to the show. Kevin: Thank you, Jeff. Thank you for having me. Jeff: Sure. Why don’t you explain to the […]

Filming from the tower

Have you started to notice all these tall towers set up on the sidelines of high school athletic games with cameras mounted on top of them? With smaller and lighter cameras it is a great way to get a birds eye view of the game when no bleachers are available. Coaches love this angle, no […]

Duzi Camera Slider Reveiw

Our newest purchase has been the Cinevate Inc 24″ Duzi Camera Slider. We were really excited to get this new tool to add some professional looking shots at a price that wouldn’t break our bank. We had researched jibs, and sliders of all kinds that would fit our budget. The Duzi seemed to be the […]

Videotaping Conferences

You are planning a big meeting. You reserve the meeting space, order the food and beverage. You invite well known speakers to present and or train those in attendance. It may be the only time you can get this type of speaker to your event. There is a lot of pressure to make it all […]

Combining Animation with Live Action Video Content

With the constant stream of automated digital marketing messages being thrown out to the consumer population from just about every industry, many marketers are turning to animated videos to illustrate and differentiate their brand in a more creative way. Using motion graphics combined with real, live-action video content is a highly effective way to capture […]

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