Duzi Camera Slider Reveiw

Duzi Camera Slider Reveiw

1010735Our newest purchase has been the Cinevate Inc 24″ Duzi Camera Slider. We were really excited to get this new tool to add some professional looking shots at a price that wouldn’t break our bank. We had researched jibs, and sliders of all kinds that would fit our budget. The Duzi seemed to be the best choice for us to add to our marketing video production. It is advertised for around $400 at many of the video equipment selling websites.

When we took it out of the box and started to slide the platform we noticed that there as it slid there was a noticeable jump exactly at the center point when sliding. Our first thought was this can’t be right. We immediately called Duzi about this problem. To our surprise, we were very happy with the customer services. The woman we spoke with said she personally inspects each slider before they go out and assured us that the one we received was in perfect working order when it left their facility. She explained there had to be some dirt on the wheel or bar. After some brief cleaning techniques, we finally got to use it with no jumps.

Let me just tell you that we just love our Duzi! It has added some much to our shots. We have used it for interviews, establishing shots, reveal shots just to name a few. It is well worth the $400. We do a lot of run and gun video and we were also please with how easy it is to set up and how light it is (3.6lbs).
The only regret we have is that we did not get the longer one. 24″ is good, but would have liked to have a longer slide. Before I sign off, there is one change that I wish they would make and that is in the brake. There is small piece that needs to be screwed into place to lock down the slider. When we are needing to move from one location to another quickly, this can slow us down.
Overall, we love it!

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