One Billion Hours of YouTube Daily

One Billion Hours of YouTube Daily

imagesAccording to Tech Crunch, we’re now watching an astounding one
billion hours of You Tube every day.

Blame Google. Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006, in a
move to generate new sources of revenue outside its traditional Internet
search advertising business.

Google claims that more than one-third of all Internet users watch
YouTube and more than half of those views now come from mobile

Traditional television and cable viewing is still relevant, but less so.
According to Ad Week, today’s viewers are watching as much video
online as they’re watching on television.

And Google will not let YouTube plateau anytime soon. Google
announced in 2015 that is tapping into its Google Brain service to help
target YouTube content offerings. Google Brain will collect huge
amounts of data about how many people watch videos, how long they
watch them, and other points of interest in order to recommend other
videos a user should watch.

In 2016, Google purchased the Irish technology company Green Parrot
Pictures to improve video quality (image sharpening, reducing visual
noise and rendering a higher-quality, steadier video). This is especially
helpful for low quality footage shot on low-resolution mobile phone

Given these cord-cutter trends and Google upgrades, what is YouTube’s
role in your media plan? Have you changed your media spend to reflect
the massive shift to online, available anytime video? Do you use You
Tube to promote your products or services? Do you use it to educate
customers with helpful how-to tips?

To optimize overall reach and effectiveness of your marketing

campaigns, we recommend combining the “best of both tubes.” See if a
balance of YouTube and television advertising spend works for your
brand. It might be time to rethink your allocation and tap into those one
billion hours.

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