Combining Animation with Live Action Video Content

Combining Animation with Live Action Video Content

With the constant stream of automated digital marketing messages being thrown out to the consumer population from just about every industry, many marketers are turning to animated videos to illustrate and differentiate their brand in a more creative way. Using motion graphics combined with real, live-action video content is a highly effective way to capture your audience’s attention and clearly get your message across. Animated elements give live action videos a creative “pop” and can help to emphasize certain concepts and ideas.

Combining live action footage with animation for product and service videos can make your content more visually engaging and encourage your viewers to interact. Motion graphics can add a unique element of excitement, intrigue, or humor and help to keep your viewers’ attention for longer. Animation and motion graphic overlays can come in many forms, from flat, cartoon graphics with simple movement to full-fledged, realistic 3-D motion and CGI. The artistic flexibility of animation and live video content opens the door to opportunity for creating an informative, entertaining video about your brand. Using different types of video content keeps things interesting and enticing for the audience, and leaves them wanting more.

Mixing animation with live action video footage can help reduce the cost of production, especially if you use stock footage. Strictly animated videos do not require actors, cameras, or a full video production staff. The video production process for motion graphic videos is fairly straightforward, requiring a solid concept, a strong script, a good voiceover artist, and a talented animator.

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