Pharmaceutical Animation

Arterycholestral_03A growing industry is Medical Publishing which requires videos that complement the written word. We work closely with publishers to follow the maxim “show, don’t tell”. Videos augment the written word, and do what a moving image does best – show process.
In producing a Medical Research video, our focus is on the “how to” of clinical trials whether on the structuring of a research study or on the results of such a study. We make it a priority to know the audience, and clearly outline the substance of the project and its outcome.

Medical animation is can be used in cases where it is impossible to see what is actually going on inside the body or within the cells of a living organism. Medical animation can help can help attain Fast Track designation by the FDA for a new drug, which gave it greater access to, and more frequent communications with, the FDA throughout the drug development or review process. They may be allowed to submit New Drug Applications (NDAs) on a rolling basis.
Animation can also help medical device manufactures demonstrate the way their product’s function in the treatment of patients. We can digitally replicate any object, product, or device, and animate how it works with precision accuracy and stunning 3D elegance. These videos can be used to demonstrate a companies product to buyers worldwide.
We can procure graphic visuals to convey scientific information whether you work at a neuroscience laboratory or work at UNC or Duke hospital.

When a pharmaceutical company needs help demonstrating its drug’s mechanism of action to investors and doctors, it can count on In Focus Studios to deliver a medical animation that would show exactly how its medicine stops the replication of a virus.

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