One bad social media post can be costly to student athletes

One bad social media post can be costly to student athletes

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A dream on an athletes journey is to get recruited to play their sport at the college level. There are many factors a recruiter will look at when deciding if a player will fit into their teams plan. Of course talent is big on the list, leadership skills and grades.

With kids posting their life on social media, an athlete needs to be careful what to post. More importantly, they need to know how to handle themselves in public. Cameras are every where and people will snap a photo or take a video of any rude or bizarre behavior. An athlete has no control over what someone else decides to post. So if you are serious about playing your sport in college, please act in a mature manner. That bad social media post could keep you from achieving your dream to play sports in college.
A recent example of the lack of control about what is posted is what you see about Cam Newton’s post game interview. I am sure you have seen both good and bad posts about the same interview. The lesson is, if you want to be seen in a good light, don’t do something you will regret later.

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