Video Production

Facebook Officially Launches Video Ads

Facebook has finally, officially launched its video advertising platform. What does this mean for advertisers? For Facebook users? This is one of the most influential steps forward for the world’s largest social network since the introduction of Facebook Advertising. The social network has been working on incorporating video advertising into the platform for several years, […]

4 Ways to Ensure High-Quality Video Marketing Content

If you want to create effective videos to enhance your marketing campaign, you want to ensure the quality of your video content is as professional as, if not more professional than, the rest of your marketing materials. Content marketing can be defined as the practice of consistently creating relevant, compelling content that appeals to a […]

Good video doesn’t have bad sound

If you are one that enjoys dabbling in video, you are most likely aware of all the new cameras available. There seems to be a new one coming out every month. They all tell you how great the HD picture is, how small and lite weight they are, leading you to believe that is all […]