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Project Description

We produce music videos in order to promote gigs, and band image, or advance the career of an individual artist. Or, we can assist with music shoots. Our producer will bring a creative edge and fresh ideas to the table. We’ll help you create a story line, hire dancers/actors, scout out a creative location, and deliver a final video that will put you on the charts.
The use of fancy and high end music videos to promote new music has been the way to go since the early eighties. That tactic is still a useful one for new artists, but the capital to produce such videos may not be as readily available as they once were, especially when taking the independent route.
Services are available at music sites to give musicians everything they could need to pursue their independent musical passions. Options for physical merchandise and music download sales are certainly available, yet the use of video is a medium which can literally cover everything. For example, if you have an upcoming concert at a local venue that you would like to promote, you could do it with a simple traditional poster or a standard copied handout. But why not impress your fans and get their attention with a well-produced video to advertise your concert, made with just a few extra bucks and an independent production team? How about a video of your fans’ testimonials from your last public appearance, or even merchandise videos, or exclusive behind-the-scenes clips. The possibilities are literally endless and best of all, very inexpensive to produce and upload to your independent label’s website.

Live performance videos start at $600. Staged videos start at $1500.
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Joan Armatrading

Music video with dancer

One Man Band

Lip dub – Stayin Alive

Live Music Video, Pittsboro, NC

Live Music Video, Hillsborough, NC

Music Video, PA

Music Video, Baltimore

Lip Dub Music Video, Annapolis

Music Video – Maryland

Music Video, Annapolis MD

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