Referral Networking

Thank you for visiting our referral networking page. Jeff Philips, is a member of the Bull City Business Leaders (BCBL) chapter of BNI. BCBL is a referral group of business leaders from the Triangle area who help one another by facilitating introductions to new clients and associates.

BCBL is one of the largest BNI chapters in the Triangle. BNI members meet to exchange business referrals.

This is not an invitation to join BNI. Jeff is simply inviting you to visit BNI and meet people who may want to do business with you. In the meanwhile, this video will give an idea of why people join our chapter.

Don’t worry if someone in the group does the same thing you do. BNI is an exclusive membership, meaning we don’t have duplicate members… but we welcome duplicate guests all the time! If you are not currently looking for new business, please to forward this information to someone in your industry who is taking new clients.

Send all inquiries to Jeff at jeff [at] infocusstudios [dot] com or (919) 533-9650



When and Where

New Location:
Blue Corn Cafe
716 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Thursday – Check with Jeff regarding the date. Confirm when you are coming so he can reserve a seat for you.

Start Time:
11:15 AM Sharp – If you are running late and can not get there by 11:25, please reschedule.

End Time:
1:00 PM – If you can not stay for 1 hour and 45 minutes and need to leave before 1:00 PM, please reschedule. If you can hang around for 10 minutes after the meeting, that’s even better!

Triangle BNI – Bull City Business Leaders

Parking is easy. There is 2 hour free street parking. Or there is a $1/hr parking lot directly across the street from Blue Corn.

30 Second Commercial
Members and guests are given 30 seconds to introduce themselves to the group. Not a minute… not 45 seconds… 30 seconds. Please prepare a ’30-second commercial’ to introduce yourself to the group. If you go over 30 seconds, you will hear a bell which means it’s time to say “Thank you” and sit down. :-)

Suggested Format
State your name and company name
I was invited by Jeff
Tell us about your business
Ask for referrals *
Restate your name
Give us your tag line

* You may ask for referrals if there are no members who do what you do. See examples below.


Here are a few examples from Jeff:

#1. Focus on your specialty

[your name and company name]
Jeff with In Focus Studios

[who invited you today?]
I was invited by Ray Canoy.

[what you do, your specialty, why would we call you?]
In Focus Studios helps businesses promote themselves through the use of video. We provide scripting, filming editing, animation…

[ask for a referral if no member does what you do]
A good referral is a non-profit organization that offers job training to the community.

[restate company name]
In Focus Studios

[tag line]
We always ask, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a moving picture worth?

#2. Focus on the businesses/industries on the membership list below
[your name and company name]
I’m Roger with Rapid Realty

[who invited you today?]
I was invited by Jeff Philips

[your name and company name]
Rapid Realty sells homes in the Triangle area. We specialize in selling homes in 30 days at market value. We enjoy working with custom home builders, lending agencies, home inspectors, residential cleaning companies, and interior designers.

[ask for a referral if no member does what you do]
A good referral for us is someone who needs to sell their home quickly because they are moving out of state.

[restate company name]
Rapid Realty

[tag line]
Selling homes in 30 days


#3. No Focus (A Bad Example)

Tim the tailor here. We do fabric. Any kind of material. We can do anything you want to any article of clothing. Our customers are people who like cotton, denim, polyester, linen, and a bunch of other fabrics. If you wear clothes, we would love to hear from you!

Call us at 919-555-1234 or visit us on the web at www dot T-I-M-T-H-E-T-A-I-L-O-R dot com. And like us on facebook at www dot facebook dot com slash T-I-M-T-H-E-T-A-I-L-O-R.

What’s wrong with this presentation? It’s vague and has no target audience. Sure, everybody wears clothes, but everybody in the room is not going to tell everybody they know about Tim. He could have said he wants to meet people who wear uniforms or couples getting married or event planners because they work with couples getting married, etc. And please do not try to give us your web site or phone number. It will fall on deaf ears. You brought business cards with you, right?


  FAQ #1: I have two businesses. Can I mention both in my commercial? Not effectively. Focus on one business in your 30-second commercial. You can tell people about your other endeavors in follow up emails and over coffee.


FAQ #2: I have an upcoming event. Can I mention it in my 30 seconds? Sure… but remember it’s only 30 seconds and people will not write down your details as you say them. And it is never a good idea to spell your website or read your phone number to a room of 50 people.

If you want to advertise an event bring some flyers. Hold a flyer during your 30 seconds. Give us the date and the purpose. Then say, “see me after the meeting for more information.” You can share the details in an email to attendees after the meeting. You will receive a membership list with everyone’s email address.


FAQ #3: Can I ask for referrals? Yes, unless there is a member who does the same thing you do. If there is a member who does what you do, tell us about your business, but don’t say, “A good referral is…”

Reading your commercial

It’s perfectly okay to read your 30 second commercial, especially if this is new territory for you. You might even observe some of the BNI regulars using notes.

What To Bring

Lots of business cards. A typical meeting is attended by 40-50 business leaders. It is not necessary to bring a bunch of flyers and brochures to the meeting. Just business cards is fine. You can share your marketing materials when you follow up with people after the meeting.


We are very fortunate not to have to pay a fee for the meeting space. It is highly recommended that you order lunch during the meeting. If you do not eat, please leave a 2-3 tip on the table. The restaurant accepts cash and credit cards.


75e1d5fd20e5e3e5d7147c47dde2b229_ygvz_ytnu Bull City Business Leaders Membership List

During the meeting, you will receive a BCBL membership list with contact information for each member. Below is a preview. Is there someone on the list that you would like to meet?

Remember, it’s okay if there is someone on the list who does what you do. We have duplicate guests all the time.

f208233ef3d410ac48adb61982add5c8_7t3xBusiness-to-Business Associates

Business Advisor Bookeeping Business Attorney
Business Banking Business Insurance Commercial Cleaning
CPA IT Support Office Equipment Sales
                            Photography Printing Promotional Marketing
                            Staffing Services Web Design/SEO Grant Writer

e1dca1d9b9a7bfc4c0c1275e4f83ee58_aa62Personal Services Associates

Life/Disability Insurance Online Economic Education Personal Banking
Chiropractic Physician Videographer Estate Planning Attorney
Financial Advisor Personal Injury Attorney Auto/Home Insurance
                           Family History Concierge Service Wellness Consultant


Real Estate/Home Improvement Associates

 Commercial General Contractor Residential Realtor Residential Builder
  Plumber Commercial Realtor Residential Cleaning
                               Pest Management Architect Interior Design
                               Real Estate Law Landscape Design Commercial/Residential Painter
                               Flooring HVAC Residential Mortgage Broker
                               Audio/Visual Installations

Whom do you want to meet?

1a9f4fa591e5ec63bc6c14535930ecb8_p00p Remember to email Jeff before the meeting and let him know whom you want to meet so he can arrange an introduction for you.

Direct link to member list: