June is Dance Recital Month

Two Decades Make a Difference in Filming Dance Recitals

At In Focus, we’ve been filming dance recitals for the past 17 years; that’s almost two decades. Our goal is to please everyone who purchases the DVD recording. At the end of the day, even in the group routines, you want to see your kid dancing.

There certainly is an art to filming a recital and to make sure everyone is happy. We have developed a format that makes everyone happy. Let us know if there are rehearsals or multiple performances.

At dress rehearsal we can capture those candid unscripted moments and test the settings of our cameras, lighting and audio equipment in advance of the live performance when we capture everything. By filming all performances that feature your child, we can make sure that we record for posterity the magic that happens once the your dancer is more comfortable on stage.

We know all the local performance venues and we know the best camera angles to use, so there are no distractions. We pay particular attention to audio, so there’s a balance of both stage and audience noise. Hearing that applause is important!

June is dance recital month. Right after Easter, our phone doesn’t stop ringing as dance studios scramble at the last minute trying book a dance recital videographer. We often hear that the videographer that has been booked backed out at the last minute or did a terrible job on the last recital. You can book us in the Fall if you’d like, so you don’t have to worry about having the recital covered.

If you decide to hire a videographer other than us, here’s a checklist of questions you should ask:
Can we see a sample of your previous recital work?
How long will it take to get the finished product?
Do you bring backup equipment?
Do you mic the stage to hear the tap dancing?
Do you get an audio feed from the mixing board?
Can parents order dvds online?
Will you supply a sales table and staff it?

All of these questions are very important. They way the videographer answers them should be a good indication as to whether they should be filming your dance recital.

For more information about filming dance recitals, please contact us at 443-871-5624

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