Sports Photography

A sports photographer must be on top of their game, to say the least. They must marry all of the skills that are required in a photography role and be able to get the game winning or action shot. This requires a sharp eye and a fantastic attention to detail.
At In Focus Studios, our photographers have photographed hundreds of games from the high school level up to the top college athletes in the country.
Our photographers at In Focus Studios are sports enthusiasts. Having a passion in sports is also a talent because not everyone likes sports. We also obtain photography techniques and styles ensuring that your photos are very unique from others. We are experts at capturing the very important scenes at an event.

Our sport photography service can provide an online gallery to where people can order photos as prints and photo gift items. Great for high school, little league, and all other leagues looking for ways for fans to purchase photos.

Before an event starts, we walk around the location and look for suitable shooting locations, taking into consideration access to subjects, the background, the lighting and our personal safety. At some events, we can get right up front, while at others we can’t. Either way, we always find a site with as clear a view as possible of the subject(s).

We are familiar with all sports, football, soccer, baseball, basketball, track and field, tennis, swimming, lacrosse, volleyball, ice skating, field hockey, softball and stock car racing.

Contact us, we would welcome any questions regarding sports photography.

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Miami @ UNC Men's ACC Basketball

Miami at UNC

NCCU v. ECSU 2006 CIAA FB Championship Game (extra) NWS


105th U.S. Open Golf 4th Round

Tiger Woods

Bulls v. Tides (NWS) Feature

Foul Ball

Bulls v. Mud Hens


Triplett, Jr. Orange County Speedway

Victory Lap

David Triplett, Jr. Orange County Speedway: A1 for Loranger

Pit Stop

David Triplett, Jr. Orange County Speedway: A1 for Loranger

Auto Racing

volleyball ohio university portfolio sports film action


DSSL Championship Swim Meet

Swim Meet



Durham Academy 2006 NCISAA Field Hockey State Championship (secondary)

Field Hockey

Miami @ UNC Men's ACC Basketball


Miami @ UNC Men's ACC Basketball

Slam Dunk

Miami @ UNC Men's ACC Basketball

Lay up

Miami @ UNC Men's ACC Basketball

Two Points

Miami @ UNC Men's ACC Basketball

Going in for the score

Miami @ UNC Men's ACC Basketball

Miami Scores