Creating Training Videos

Humans are natural teachers and its no wonder we love to make
training videos.

Think about the person who taught you how to ride a bike, play the
guitar or swim in a pool. You never forget that person!

From a marketing perspective, a qualified trainer or subject matter
expert is seen as an authority and creates a level of trust that doesn’t
exist otherwise. We tend to buy from people and brands we trust,
which is why the old commercials for toothpaste told you how many
dentists recommended the product for their patients.

The Internet is a perfect platform for sharing basic information, and
by extension, it’s becoming ideal for posting training videos. It’s no
surprise that the Web is awash in training and coaching videos, from
cooking to exercise, academic lectures to playing a musical
instrument. There is probably a video tutorial out there for anything
you care to learn.

I can fix most minor things on my car using a training video, and
when I’m done I can fix myself Beef Wellington and Key Lime
Cheesecake for dinner and learn the guitar licks of Eric Clapton.

If you are an expert on a subject or have a special set of skills, now is
the time to make your own video tutorial and share it on the Internet.

Here’s a short and fun list of ten activities that you can learn to
master watching videos online: karate, coffee roasting, baton twirling,
break dancing kite surfing, knitting, tap dancing, sword making,
sword fighting and sword juggling. Basically, if there’s an enthusiast
out there in the world, there’s probably a video tutorial on the

If you are an expert at doing something or possess a special set of
skills, and are willing to help other people try their hand at that
particular thing or improve their skill, there is no better way to do it

than to make your own video tutorial and share it on the Internet.

But not all tutorials are created equal. Make sure your video is
informative, professional and thorough (don’t just show me how to
ride a surfboard, show me how to wax the board, paddle out into the
waves, and surf a difficult point break).

What creates star quality and millions of followers in a tutorial? You
can’t just put a few bullet points and a few frames up on the screen.
At other times, ten seconds of perfect instruction says it all. Some
people just have the magic for communicating a difficult point in a
simple manner.

Instructional videos can target a small group or reach a huge
audience, both with the same amount of effort.

Companies should consider the power of videos to dramatically
improve their reach. Short videos are ideal for demonstrating actions
that are difficult to understand in text. A video that shows how to
perform a physical task, or demonstrates

We recently helped an industrial client show how a sophisticated
piece of pumping equipment works. It helps when you can actually
see the equipment in use, in real time. Besides, the location of the
facility was remote; it’s not easy to get there and not always in
operation. With the video, a prospect can see right away the
capabilities and cost-savings. No appointment necessary.

Video is not ideal for everything. Sometimes you’ll want to put the
material in writing, or offer a combination of written and video
content. Remember that video is a one-way medium. It works better
when the student isn’t physically present for the training. You can’t
really allow any question and answer between you and your

Tutorials now have a global reach and In Focus Studios can dub your
video into any language. How many languages? From North
Carolina, you can easily reach people in Europe, Asia and Africa.

At In Focus Studios, we are great teachers. We have deep expertise in
this field and it is our job to keep up on the latest tools and
techniques on your behalf. We can show you how to create
entertaining and instructive video tutorials that are best in class.

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