Script Writing for Video

Scripting challenges the imagination. It asks the writer to play with all the parts of a
puzzle. It is the blueprint for every successful video. A script contains the concept
of a the video and the problem to be solved, it forms the characters/spokesperson,
adds the emotions that sell a product or service and the obstacles to be overcome,
and leaves the audience with a solution and sense of satisfaction. Lastly, it puts a
call- to- action on the viewer. Best of all, it leaves the potential client thinking about
what’s been left undiscovered. Overarching all of the above mentioned activity is
an Act One, Act Two and Act Three – even in a 10 second tv commercial
or company video for the web.
In Focus Studios provides well –written, inventive script writing that make all the
difference to your video. If you want a successful “sell”, In Focus Studios can
supply it. We begin with a pre-production meeting where all corporate participants
discuss what they want the video to do. We include these ideas in the script. Once
script approval is received, we follow with a shoot, and edit session to complete
your video.

Converting your video to reach a second and third market will lower your cost of
producing your original video. It will also double the impact of your message.
How to do that? Rewrite and restructure. Compile customer testimonials into an
eBook. Convert production bloopers into a fun spot on your website. Transfer the
audio into a podcast. Use some of the original video on your blog. Put a new
open and close on the original video and send to a new list of recipients. Use
pieces of the original on Facebook. The possibilities are endless.
In Focus Studios is skilled at repurposing the videos on your shelf or redirecting a
brand new video. A free preliminary consultation will open a raft of possibilities to
add to your marketing or instructional plan.
If you need script writing for video, give us a call.