Legal Videos

We specialize in providing the highest caliber of deposition video or other professional video services for the Maryland, DC, and North Carolina legal communities. Our mission is to deliver, accurate, compelling electronic evidence that assists in winning your case. In Focus Studios supports your case with high definition, broadcast quality video and audio recording. We handle all set-up, recording, editing, copying, etc., so your recording is trouble-free and the outcomes offered in every format you need.
Services Offered:
Deposition  video
Day in the Life video
Construction site video surveys
Accident scenes and reenactment videos
Settlement video
Video inspections
Wills and prenuptial videos

Depositions are legal proceedings in which a witness provides answers to questions asked by an attorney as well as opposing counsel. Attorneys have the option of presenting written depositions or legal video depositions at trial for jurors to examine. Jurors may examine the video or the court reporters written transcript as many times as necessary while deliberating after a trial is concluded.
Some attorneys prefer to have legal video services in addition to court reporting services because they find that it adds a more accessible means of communication with the jury. The jury can see a witness’ demeanor during the video and can observe body language or other non-verbal cues that suggest that the witness may or may not be telling the entire truth.
Video testimony is also important for another reason: some jurors have a short attention span or may have learning disabilities that interfere with reading or paying attention to long blocks of text. Thus, video depositions can help ensure the jury is paying proper attention and fully comprehends the evidence put before them.

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