Animation for Medical

15ff74f1c8f4d6504639cd1cf0749917The Healthcare market is booming, driven by new products from
pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. Overall healthcare
spending is growing at 6% and healthcare represents close to one-fifth
of our Gross Domestic Product.

In this highly competitive market, manufacturers are switching over to
high-impact animation videos to supplement traditional written
materials. Today’s healthcare marketers understand how animation can
simplify even the most complex of ideas.

Most blockbuster drugs now rely on a full-length three-dimensional
(3D) Method of Action (MOA) animation to help them stand out in the
crowded drug development marketplace. Animation also supports
medical device manufacturers demonstrate the way a new product
improves the standard of care for patients.

Medical animation has the advantage of demonstrating what goes on in
unseen environments, such as inside the human body or within
individual cells.

We can digitally replicate any object, product, or device, and animate
how it works with precision accuracy and stunning 3D elegance. Unlike
a static image, pharmaceutical animations show the mechanism of
action at different scales. Interactive video allows zooming in and out for
different perspectives and viewpoints.

With these types of animations, patients, physicians and potential
investors can see for themselves how a pharmaceutical compound or
medical device interacts with the complex mechanisms of the body.

Medical animation can also help a company attain Fast Track
designation by the FDA for a new drug, giving it greater access and more
frequent communications with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
throughout the drug development or review process.

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