How are Video Depositions Useful?

How are Video Depositions Useful?

The impact of video on professional industries has not gone unnoticed by those in the legal profession. Due to the effectiveness and clarity of video over text, video depositions are becoming more popular among lawyers and in courtrooms nationwide. Because video is a richer tool than your typical transcript, they are more effective at getting – and keeping – the jury’s attention. Furthermore, witness testimonies are far more effective when presented as a video, rather than printed text.

Experts advocate the use of video depositions for two particular situations: by the plaintiff as an admission by a party opponent, and to depose important witnesses who would otherwise not be available for trial. Video depositions can also be useful for reference when considering whether or not to use a particular witness for a trial, and to prepare for the examination of the witness.

Working with opposing counsel to discuss trial technology and presentation resources can benefit everyone involved. If you can share each others’ resources, you can reduce cost, minimize setup/tear-down time, and help everything move along more smoothly.

Video depositions are becoming more affordable and accessible for lawyers. Video technology in mobile devices and consumer-grade cameras make it easy for just about anyone to record a video deposition. However, lawyers should be wary of their state rules and regulations when recording video depositions on their own. Video quality is also very important. While some lawyers like to use webcam and video conferencing technologies in the courtroom, the video quality is often limited by available bandwidth, making the audio and video very difficult to comprehend clearly.

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