Why Remodeling and Home Improvement Businesses Should Invest in Web Video Marketing

Why Remodeling and Home Improvement Businesses Should Invest in Web Video Marketing

If you have a remodeling or home improvement business, you should be providing your potential clients with video content to help them undertake projects, boost their imagination, and encourage them to make some changes.

In a survey conducted in December 2013 through January 2014, Burst Media found that 35% of consumers plan to undertake at least one home remodeling or improvement project in the first half of 2014. Almost half of those looking to improve their homes will be doing cosmetic work or improving layout to update the “look, feel, flow, and layout” of their homes.

For most people, the inspiration for home improvement originates in their own imagination. However, 35% of homeowners hit the web for tips and ideas. Over 60% of women visit general DIY and home websites for inspiration, compared to roughly 50% of men. Furthermore, more women than men turn to social networks like Pinterest or Facebook for ideas.

Online video plays an important role in idea generation and more so with finding out useful tips on how to go about DIY projects. Both men and women turn to online video for help in somewhat equal numbers, according to Burst Media’s report. Interestingly, 63.8% of men age 55+ watch online DIY videos and 64.6% of women over the age of 35.

According to Burst Media, “Independent sites and blogs focused on specific niche topics and social networks/sharing sites run neck and neck among respondents as the “best” kind of site for home project inspiration – and majority of respondents watch online videos featuring home improvement-related content. Home improvement marketers – including brand-name products, retailers and service providers – should lean on digital solutions rooted in rich content to engage consumers. This rich content can serve as the engagement platform from which a brand can distribute their own content within high impact rich media and video placements.”

For help creating home improvement or remodeling videos for your business, contact the video team at In Focus Studios. Located near the Raleigh – Durham area in North Carolina, as well as Annapolis – Baltimore area in Maryland, our experienced videographers can help you with all your video needs. Call today for a free consultation.

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