Use Video to Give Your Linkedin Profile a Boost

Use Video to Give Your Linkedin Profile a Boost

If you are using web videos as part of your marketing strategy, you are probably sharing your videos across multiple social sites: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe Instagram or Vine. But what about Linkedin? The professional social networking site is the number one watering hole for executives, buyers, and decision makers to find and nurture business relationships. Those who make purchasing decisions are more likely to connect with vendors and business partners on Linkedin than any other social platform. Make sure your profile stands out from the rest by utilizing video on your personal profile and company Linkedin page.

If your Linkedin profile looks like a digital version of your resume, it’s only appealing to recruiters or HR personnel who are searching for a particular set of skills. If you want to connect with “movers and shakers” and decision makers, you have to grab their attention with something more. If you enter Edit mode on your Linkedin Profile, you will see the option to add a link to a video, image, document, or presentation to multiple sections of your profile. Here, you can enter the URL to any web video to have it appear on your Linkedin profile. Add your “video resume,” video biography, or company videos showcasing your products or services.

Join groups to extend your reach and potential audience for your web videos. Find groups that are relevant to your target market and your industry, so you aren’t just blasting out your videos to people who don’t care to watch them. You can create discussions based on your video content within these groups and within your Linkedin network to encourage interaction and get more views. Your Linkedin discussions should link to your web videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting platform – or, better yet, your website!

If you have a company Linkedin page, you are probably aware that the former “Products and Services” pages no longer exist. These used to be great places to embed videos about your business and core offerings. You can still share your videos through your Linkedin page by posting directly to the feed, which shows up in the news feeds of all your company’s followers, where they can watch them directly from Linkedin. Be sure to share customer testimonials, product demonstrations, and staff videos to provide a variety of content for your followers.

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