Is Mobile Video Really an Effective Marketing Tool?

Is Mobile Video Really an Effective Marketing Tool?

Video has proven to be an invaluable marketing tool for all businesses over the last several years. From television screens to YouTube, advertisers are finding the most effective ways to get their ads in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Most businesses agree that video is necessary for a successful marketing strategy, and everyone sees the rise in popularity of mobile devices over the last few years. However, mobile video marketing has had mixed reviews for consumer-targeting brands. While a large sector of consumers are using mobile devices to view video content, smaller screens and slow Internet connections can often limit the effect that mobile video ads are believed to have on marketing strategies.

A new study released by the Mobile Marketing Agency (MMA) showed that mobile video is a highly effective marketing tool, based on several key characteristics.
1. Click-through rates for mobile video ads ranged from about 1.4% to 2.66%, depending on the video format. Mobile video click-through rates are considered strong despite the option for viewers to “skip” some ads. Skippable ad content currently represents roughly one-third of all mobile video ad impressions.
2. Mobile videos ads that are less than 30 seconds long have more positive response from viewers, regardless of whether or not the video ad is able to be skipped. This demonstrates viewers’ preference for shorter video marketing content.
3. Higher frequency of mobile video ads yields lower engagement and poor results. This means, your viewers don’t want to see the same video ad over and over and over again.
4. Pay attention to the peak engagement times for your viewers. With certain demographics, the highest levels of engagement for mobile video ads peak during the late night hours, around midnight or later.
5. Mobile apps account for roughly 75% of all mobile video impressions, with about 80% of all ads being served on the Apple iOS platform.

Mobile video is still developing as a marketing medium, and consumer behaviors and attitudes are still being monitored and calculated as mobile becomes a more valid form of advertising. Mobile video is becoming a very powerful marketing tool for brands as the industry develops to become more consumer-oriented. For more information on producing mobile video ads, contact the experts at In Focus Studios.

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