How to Take Soccer Action Shots Like a Pro

How to Take Soccer Action Shots Like a Pro

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup in full swing, you’re probably seeing a lot of really awesome action shots popping up around the web: players in mid air, soccer balls hitting the net, close-ups of the athletes celebrating after a win. Wondering how the professional sports photographers get such great photos? Here are a few sports photography tips to get great action shots during the game.

1. Use a faster shutter speed. With modern-day digital cameras, you should be able to increase the ISO to obtain a high shutter speed. Anything over 1/1000 sec will freeze the action (and the ball) and capture a sharper image.

2. Use the widest aperture.
A wider aperture will offer a shallow depth of field, keeping your background out of focus and drawing attention to action in the image.

3. Follow the action through your viewfinder.
Don’t take your eye off the ball! If the players are moving toward you and you look up to see if they have scored, you could miss a great action shot! Keep your eye on the ball, through the camera’s viewfinder, and adjust the focus (or use auto-focus if it’s easier) to get ready for the goal.

4. Sit near the goal. By positioning yourself on the edge of the goal line, you have the best option for capturing side views of scoring action, and the celebratory actions that follow.

5. Capture emotion. Keep shooting after the players have already scored to capture the emotion in both the scorers and the goalkeepers. Some of the best pictures happen after a goal has been made, revealing incredible winning and losing emotions. This includes the fans! Capture their reactions right after a big play.

Remember, practice makes perfect. If you’re not happy with your soccer action shots, keep trying different techniques with lighting, angles, and capturing different moments. For help with professional sports photography, contact the experienced photographers at In Focus Studios.

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