3 Ways to Help Make Video Production Cost Less

3 Ways to Help Make Video Production Cost Less

One of the biggest reasons small businesses are hesitant to invest in video as part of their marketing strategies is the cost of production. Oftentimes, when it comes to video, you get what you pay for – a “cheap” video is exactly that, and your audience can tell. Most of the money goes toward the time and expertise it takes to adjust the lighting, composition, frame, and focus to get the perfect, professional shot. You shouldn’t skimp on video production quality when deciding to invest in video marketing. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should pour your life savings into producing an Oscar-worthy commercial. Find a happy medium, and consider these alternatives to some of the more expensive factors of video production.

Create a moving slideshow.
This is probably the cheapest way to create a video without the need for video equipment. Using photos you own or purchase from a stock photo website, create a slideshow using a program like Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote. Using photos, text, music, transitions, and even sound effects, you can create a presentation that can be exported in video format. If you want to add a professional voiceover, search the web to find a voiceover talent for a reasonable price. You can get a 30-second audio track for around $30-45 dollars in as little as 48 hours with some narration companies.

Use stock video to avoid shooting on location.
If you still want all the landscapes, action shots, and human interaction, consider buying footage that has already been produced. Stock video clips can be spliced into sequences of still images and moving text to create an affordable, professional-grade marketing video. Add in a little music and your professional voiceover or add in a few recorded clips of your own professional on-screen talent to really push your message.

If you record the video yourself, hire an editor to finish it.
If you already have all the footage, images, and materials you need for your video, you can get a professional video production company to edit everything for you, cutting the production costs down considerably. By writing the script, storyboarding, and planning out the details for the video yourself, you’re doing a lot of the work that would otherwise be handed off to a professional video production team. The more you do yourself, the less you pay a video company to do. However, this can require a lot of time and creativity on your part.

When it comes to saving money on video production, it’s all about finding alternatives to expensive location shoots. When possible, shoot your video on a green screen and utilize stock images and stock video to create a professional-looking web video without breaking the bank. For more information on creating affordable videos for your business, contact the experts at In Focus Studios today.

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