Make Your Mother’s Day Extra Special With a Video Scrapbook

Make Your Mother’s Day Extra Special With a Video Scrapbook

Mothers’ Day is coming up, and you may be wondering what you can possibly give your mom to show her how much she means to you. Flowers, cards, and gift certificates may be too cliché, or maybe you just want to do something really special this year. Why not put together a video scrapbook? Capturing your most precious, sincere moments on film can preserve those memories for your mother forever. Even if you’re not a professional videographer, you can still create a fun, meaningful video scrapbook to share with your mom on Mothers’ Day. Here are a few professional video tips to help you create the perfect gift for Mom.

Collect all your keepsakes, memorabilia, old photographs, and other items that hold sentimental value for you and your mom. This may include baby clothes, past Mothers’ Day gifts, dolls or toys, or souvenirs from family trips. Using the highest quality camera you own – it may be your smartphone (Mom won’t mind!) – capture up-close-and-personal shots of all of these items. Go for detailed shots: wrinkles or marks in fabric, faces in photos, individual handwritten words. These images will be cut into your video for added effect.

If you’re sneaky enough, you can capture some candid moments of your mother doing what she does best. Record her cooking dinner, folding laundry, giving another family member a hug, or just relaxing on the porch – but don’t let her see you! Some of the best moments are captured when the subject is completely unaware of the camera. Besides, you don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Finally, record a few brief interviews with other family members; ask them to recite their greatest memories with your mother, or to list all the special things they appreciate about your mom. Record funny stories, emotional moments, and all the things you want to preserve for your mom and your family, forever.

You can edit your footage and splice in all these different features using iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or other user-friendly video editing software. Make sure to mix in a little bit of everything, and add your mom’s favorite song (or a song that reminds you of her) to really drive the emotion behind the video. Once you’ve completed your video, save it to DVD or flash drive so she has a hard copy to unwrap on Mothers’ Day.

For more video tips, contact the experts at In Focus Studios. We hope you and your mother have a wonderful Mothers’ Day!

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