6 Tips for Capturing the Best Portraits

6 Tips for Capturing the Best Portraits

Having trouble taking your portrait photography to the next level? Are your headshots looking dull or out of whack? Here are some tips to help you bring out the best in your photos.

1. Make sure you have soft, natural lighting and your backdrop is simple – maybe a solid color or a faded landscape. You want to set the stage for your subject and create the perfect environment for the person in the photo and your camera.

2. Have your subject look up to the camera. Stand on a step stool or elevate your camera on a tripod that is set slightly above your subject’s eye line. This will make the face, neck, and chin look slimmer and create a more flattering angle for the face.

3. Keep shooting, even when your subject isn’t posing. Some of the best moments are captured in between poses. Your subject may seem too rigid or uncomfortable if forced to hold specific positions for too long – shake things up! Ask your subject to do some silly poses and shoot the moment right after they let go to capture a more authentic expression.

4. Have your subject turn slightly away from the camera, keeping their face pointed straight ahead. This creates more depth for the photo, but also creates a slimmer, more flattering angle. Don’t turn the body too far – you don’t want your subject looking awkward or unnatural.

5. Connect with the person in front of the camera. Flatter your subject, find some things you have in common, get to know them, create a connection. Once your subject connects with you, it shows in their eyes, their expressions, and their body language, making the portraits much more impressive.

6. Encourage your subject to bring his or her favorite music to create a mood that makes them most comfortable. Music can help your subject focus on something other than the camera or posing, and make it easier for them to find and express the emotion and passion you’re hoping to bring out in your portraits.

Capturing amazing portraits is all about creating the best possible environment for you and your subject. You want to have a personal connection with him or her, and capture the most authentic expressions. Pay attention to basic composition and lighting, but don’t forget to incorporate your own unique personality – and your subject’s – into the photo session. Don’t be afraid to try something new! For more information on professional portrait photography, contact the experts at In Focus Studios.

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