3 Reasons Why a Cheap Marketing Video is a Bad Marketing Video

3 Reasons Why a Cheap Marketing Video is a Bad Marketing Video

Everyone has seen that commercial on television, with poor lighting, indecipherable audio, and low-energy actors. It’s obvious that only a small fraction of the marketing budget went into the production of that video. You’re probably wondering why anyone would even buy ad space to air such a horrible commercial. You’re definitely not thinking about purchasing the product or service the video is promoting. Successful video marketing requires serious investment; “cheap” videos will only ruin your brand reputation and ultimately result in lost sales. Here are 3 reasons why skimping on the video production budget may not be the best idea.

1. Cheap videos will get you no results.
What is the ultimate goal of your video? You want to boost sales, right? Or increase brand awareness and engage your customers on a new level. If you want to get these types of results, you’re going to need a high-quality video that is truly worth watching. A low-quality video will turn away viewers – and potential customers – and leave you with nothing. Investing in professional, high-quality video production will significantly improve your chances for increased conversions.

2. Cheap videos make you look unprofessional.
With the rise in digital video advertising, consumers are exposed to video content nearly everywhere, all the time. They can recognize the cheap videos from those which required more time, planning, and money to produce. Ultimately, they’re going to judge your brand based on how good your video ad looks in comparison to the millions of others that grace their screens on a daily basis. People trust brands that invest in effective, high-quality video marketing. A commercial shot on your family friend’s iPhone just isn’t going to cut it these days. Your video should reflect all the hard work, dedicated planning, and money that went into producing it; your customers will notice the difference!

3. Cheap videos will not give you the most bang for your buck.
When it comes to video production, you get what you pay for. If you want a video that’s really going to work for your brand, you have to invest as much into it as you hope to get out of it. The good thing about video is that a high-quality marketing video will continue to work for you, long after it has already paid for itself. A professional marketing video promises greater return on investment, while a cheap video only offers an example of how NOT to attract customers and damages your image. Investing in a high-quality marketing video will ensure higher conversion rates, healthier brand reputation, and more sales.

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