Which Social Media Platform Drives the Most Engagement? – YouTube!

Which Social Media Platform Drives the Most Engagement? – YouTube!

One of the most common buzzwords you might hear floating around in the online marketing world is “engagement.” Anyone investing in an effective web marketing strategy is highly interested in how to attract and engage potential consumers via the Internet. Social networks have become a popular tool for driving customer engagement, but the number and variety of social networks now available on the web has many marketers confused about where to turn. Which social media sites drive the most engagement? Which are worth your time and money? Understanding how your typical customer uses each social platform can help you allocate budget and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

A recent study by Shareaholic revealed activity metrics for the top eight social media networks: YouTube, Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. According to the report, YouTube drives the most engaged traffic, and also has the lowest bounce rate – meaning visitors referred from YouTube stay on your website longer, and view more pages!

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Over a 7-month time period, Shareaholic recorded referral traffic from YouTube and found that the social video site engaged users for up to 227 seconds (a little over 3 minutes). This was the longest recorded time spent on a website by users when compared to other social referrals. YouTube also generated more page views per visit, with the majority of users viewing up to 3 pages per website visit. Website referrals from YouTube generated a bounce rate of 43%, which is favorably low when compared to sites like StumbleUpon (67% bounce rate) and Facebook (56% bounce rate). Google Plus and Linkedin appear to drive fewer referrals, but the traffic from these social networks tends to be high quality. StumbleUpon proved to be the worst social network for driving engagement.

So, what do all these numbers and metrics mean? Video content is incredibly effective at driving engagement, and lends itself exceptionally well to social sharing. If your video is interesting and “share-worthy,” viewers are more likely to spend more time watching your video content, and even do a little more research on the brand behind the video. If you want people to spend more time on your website, embed YouTube videos on your webpages, and spend more time building up your YouTube presence by optimizing your channel.

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