What’s So Great About Live Video Streaming?

What’s So Great About Live Video Streaming?

Recent reports show that over 78% of business executives believe online video is an effective means of business communication and engagement, and most are using live video streaming on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to engage and convert potential customers, live video streaming is something to look into.

Live-streamed events broadcasted online are generally more effective than pre-recorded video content, because viewers want to be involved in breaking news and current events in real time. Live video streaming is also useful for education, with live video seminars and tutorials making the learning process easier to comprehend.

What is it that makes live streaming so effective? Live video engages the viewer and gives your audience access to content as it is made available – instant information in real time. This can also lead to natural online buzz and free advertising, if done correctly. For example, the Super Bowl live stream resulted in a 44% increase in viewership and over 50 million comments across various social platforms. Live streams are often picked up by mainstream media as well.

While live video streams can promote a brand, convert leads into sales, and engage an audience, they also require a lot of careful planning. Live-streamed videos should capture a significant event or special occasion that would naturally attract a crowd or disrupt the normal flow of things. Make sure your event is “live stream worthy” before investing a lot of time or money into promoting a live stream video event that isn’t going to attract any viewers. Some of the best live streamed events go on for several days – music or arts festivals, charity events, large business conferences or expos – though popular sporting events also present great live video streaming opportunities.

There are many different platforms for hosting live video streaming events. Google Hangouts have made it considerably simple for Gmail and Google account users to connect quickly and easily, though are better for smaller events. For larger events, consider YouTube, and promote through Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms to leverage your current network.

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