How to Create a Successful Kickstarter Video to Raise Thousands of Dollars

How to Create a Successful Kickstarter Video to Raise Thousands of Dollars

An effective video is essential to any successful kickstarter campaign. A kickstarter campaign with a video is 66% more likely to receive funding than a project without a video. Creating a kickstarter video can be an intimidating challenge. How do you compete with all the other great videos out there? Here are a few tips for creating a successful kickstarter video that is sure to help you raise thousands of dollars.

1. Research other successful campaigns to find out what works.
Before you even start to conceptualize your kickstarter campaign video, do your research. Take a look at some of the most successful kickstarter videos in your industry and figure out what makes them so effective. Take a look at some videos from the most funded campaigns on Kickstarter and make notes of what evokes emotion and drives you to act.

2. Make sure your script tells a story about you and your goals.
Your kickstarter video should do three things: tell your audience who you are, explain your idea or message, and show them why they should care. Your video should make it easy for your viewers to get to know you and the story behind your project. Your script should be genuine, and show the real passion behind your kickstarter project. Make your viewers care about your campaign as much as you do, by making them feel the way you do.

3. Invest in high-quality, professional video production services.

Even if you have the best idea in the world, your viewers won’t take you seriously if your video is of poor quality. It’s a good idea to find a professional video production company to help you create a video that will get your message across in the cleanest, most professional way possible. An experienced videographer can help bring out the best qualities in you and your idea in high-definition.

4. Your video should give your viewers something in return.
While the ultimate goal of your kickstarter project video is to get funding from your viewers, your video should also give your viewers something valuable in return. People like to help those who help them. If your video gives something to your audience, your audience is more likely to give back to you. There are many ways – and many things – you can give to your audience; give humor, give entertainment, give gratitude, give certainty. If you want people to back you, show them that your idea is something they can count on.

There is no secret ingredient or magical formula for creating the best kickstarter campaign video. Your message and your project are unique, as is the story behind them. The key is to communicate clearly and honestly about who you are and what your goals are, while offering your audience as much as you can. For help creating the best kickstarter video, contact the experts at In Focus Studios. Located near Raleigh, North Carolina and Baltimore, Maryland, our experienced video production team serves the entire south east, creating professional videos for all types of businesses.

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