How to Create Great Video Content

How to Create Great Video Content

For a video to really succeed, it needs to be high quality. The same with news articles, photography, or other creative content; low-quality content can yield low-quality results. To truly succeed with video, visual and audio quality must be exceptional, whether your goal is to increase web traffic, brand awareness, or customer engagement. High quality content doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invest in Hollywood-style production value. Small video budgets can be just as successful as larger productions.

Define a subject and theme for your video.
Video is naturally an engaging form of content, but commercial video can make it more difficult to communicate the concepts of your key product or service offerings. Unless you are recording a live event, you will need to define a clear subject and theme for your video. Know what your video is about and why your audience should want to watch it. The subject is the overall topic or area of interest. The theme is the message you wish to portray about that topic. Defining these key elements before you begin production ensures your creative process is being driven toward the goals you defined in the very beginning. Setting a theme gives your video a purpose. Most successful videos are constructed with a clear purpose in mind, which is made very clear to the audience from the very beginning.

Determine the level of production quality you need.
Defining the level of production required in each part of the production process depends on the content itself. For instance, tutorial videos can be of a lower quality than a corporate video of your core business values. Consider your target market. If they are watching your video to learn how to do something or get an idea, the production doesn’t need to do much more than give them information. However, if you are advertising your business and wish to present yourself professionally, high quality design and visuals are vital. Just keep in mind, a large video budget and lots of special effects do not guarantee success. You can create a successful video on any budget – provided you know what kind of quality is expected based on the content you are presenting.

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