Generating Ideas for Successful Videos

Generating Ideas for Successful Videos

When creating videos for your company, especially when you’re promoting your business through online videos, it is important to nail down a process for generating ideas that actually have a definite purpose and that can be expected to succeed on the Internet. By performing an adequate gap analysis and creating measurable goals, you can develop an idea for a video that meets the needs of your business and your target audience.

Content Gap Analysis

While videos are incredibly valuable for businesses online, they aren’t always the best form of content for every idea or every industry. It is important to determine what type of content is best for your idea. Too often, companies try to do video before they have outlined the purpose and goal of the content within the video, ending up with confusing or ineffective videos. The key to creating a great web video is determining where, when, and how it will be used by identifying content gaps and filling them in. Content gaps are usually pretty easy to identify, depending on the needs of your target audience and the resources and expertise you have within your organization. What are people searching for? What are your competitors doing that you are not doing? What are companies in other industries doing that you may be able to transpose into your own strategy? By performing keyword research, competitive analyses, and an audit of your current collection of content, you should easily be able to find what type of content for which you need to generate ideas.

Form Gap Analysis

Once you have identified a content gap, you have found the starting point for creating your idea. The next step is to determine whether or not your idea is best presented through video or another form of media. You may begin your creative process with the hopes of creating a video or blog, but later decide the most appropriate method of communicating your message is through an infographic. Ask yourself, “Would this content make sense if it were just text and images?” If the answer is NO, then video is probably the best form of media for creating the impact you wish to have on your audience. Start to visualize how the video will look, where it will be seen, and how it will play out.

Determine Your Goals

Once you have figured out the type and format of content for your idea, you need to nail down what you hope to achieve with your video. Do you want to improve brand awareness? How about user engagement? Do you just want to get more leads or sales? Keep in mind the search engine optimization benefits that also come into play with an effective online video. Maybe your goal is to improve conversions, build links, or just generate more online traffic. Whatever your goal is, it will define the appropriate technical implementation and the key performance indicators for measuring the success of your video.

For more information on creating videos that work for your business, contact the experts at In Focus Studios. We’re happy to talk about your specific video needs and find out the best kind of video for you!

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