Modern Camera Phones vs. Professional Cameras – Which are better?

Modern Camera Phones vs. Professional Cameras – Which are better?

Most modern day mobile devices are equipped with some sort of camera to shoot still images and video. Brands like Apple and Samsung have spent the past few years modifying the camera functions within their mobile devices to take higher quality photos and videos than many consumer-grade digital cameras; but can these $400-600 cell phones really take better pictures than a professional DSLR, sometimes worth several thousand dollars? While camera phones have many obvious benefits and accessible features that make them more appealing than their bulkier counterparts, many professional photographers will find they simply can’t get the precision and quality they desire with these devices.

With photography and videography, lighting is key. Without good light, details, colors, and contrast within the image aren’t as clear and defined. This is one of the biggest problems with camera phones. In low light, iPhones and other mobile devices have a difficult time capturing detail and clean, crisp images. Professional-grade cameras are designed to adjust to low-light situations, and professional photographers know how to adjust the aperture to let in just the right amount of light to capture the best image. While many camera phones come equipped with an LED light (flash), this light is not usually adjustable and can make pictures look unbalanced or washed out.

Precision and timing are other important aspects of professional photography and videography that aren’t often achieved with a consumer-grade camera or mobile device. As with many cheaper cameras and camera phones, the iPhone and similar devices have a lag time that can make capturing the right image at the exact right time very difficult. In recent years, manufacturers have improved cell phone camera capabilities and decreased lag time; however, professional DSLRs and other digital cameras are still much faster and more precise when it comes to getting the picture you want. Professional cameras can also be adjusted to decrease motion blur, something that is usually unavoidable on mobile phone cameras.

While camera phones and smaller digital cameras are much easier to carry and use when capturing photos and videos on the go, only the high-end DSLR cameras can really give you the clean, professional image you want. Camera phones are great for taking pictures and videos and sharing them with your friends on a day-to-day basis, but should not replace professional cameras when it comes to corporate events, television commercials, or your wedding day.

If you want to see how well a professional camera compares to your camera phone, just give us a call! Our photographers and videographers always use professional equipment to capture the perfect picture.

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