Live Event Video Services: Why Hire a Professional?

Live Event Video Services: Why Hire a Professional?

Do you have an important event coming up? Thinking about recording a few great moments on video to share with friends or colleagues later? You may want to put a little extra time and consideration into the decision of whether or not you should hire a professional to videotape your live event. While it seems like anyone can pick up a video camera and press ‘record,’ there are several benefits a professional videographer can bring to the table when it comes to recording your live event. Whether it’s a corporate summit or business seminar, or your 8-year-old’s dance recital, a professional photographer can help you get the best video to help you remember every moment.

1. Quality
Odds are any consumer-grade camera you or your friends may have lying around is not equipped to produce the high-quality video you want. Professional videographers spend thousands of dollars on video cameras and accessories to capture the absolute best image and sound possible. Lenses, lights, and microphones are all adjusted strategically to record video and audio in high-definition, so you don’t miss anything. A professional videographer can help produce an amazing video that’s really worth sharing – with your friends and family, with your business partners, or on the web.

2. Professionalism

With live events, especially company seminars or corporate events, it is important that any video produced is done so with complete professionalism. If your camera makes it into the wrong hands, you could end up with a real mess. Professional photographers are highly skilled and trained to properly operate a camera and all its moving parts. Your business seminar video shouldn’t be shaky or hard to hear, as is often the case when inexperienced video handlers try to record live events without the help of a professional. Videographers that specialize in live event video recording know exactly where to set up, who to focus on, and how to accurately capture the essence of the event.

By hiring a professional to record your live event, you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your day to sort through footage and try to edit a video. Professional videographers often have a very efficient system in place when it comes to preparing, recording, editing, and finishing live event videos. Expect a much faster turnaround time with a professional; don’t waste time trying to figure out how to produce a high-quality video yourself. Videographers and professional editors know how to put a nice looking video together very quickly.

The decision of whether or not you should go with a professional videographer for your live event shouldn’t be a hard one. If you want a high quality video produced in a short amount of time, you’re better off getting a video production company involved. The cost of hiring a live event videographer is often worth the time and effort saved in the long run. In Focus Studios, located just outside of Washington, D.C., specializes in live event photography and video. Call today to see how we can help you!

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Jeff is the founder of In Focus Studios. The company has serviced Maryland, DC, Virginia and North Carolina since 1999. Jeff began his video career by videotaping weddings, but was quickly introduced to the world of corporate video production. Since then he has produced marketing videos, medical videos and webcasts. He also works with athletes from Baltimore, Washington DC and Raleigh, NC. He is a fan of 80’s music videos. He enjoys all aspects of video production, including lighting, directing and editing.

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