Benefits of Using Green Screen Technology for Photography and Videography

Benefits of Using Green Screen Technology for Photography and Videography

Green screen technology – or chroma key technology – has been used by photographers and videographers for the past several years to create complex imagery that would otherwise be impossible or near impossible to create. The benefits of green screen photography and videography are numerous, but here are a few obvious reasons why many photographers opt for green screen – or blue screen – over a real backdrop.

1. A totally controlled environment.
Possibly the biggest benefit of using a green screen is total control over the shooting environment. Depending on the capabilities of the studio and its equipment, you can have perfect lighting, create the perfect acoustics and sound control, and avoid all distractions and potential inconsistencies that you might have in a natural setting. With a green screen, there are no planes flying overhead, no dogs barking, and no weird shadows cast by the sun. You can capture the best photo or video and save time in the editing room by already having the right light and sound.

2. Easy-to-edit photos and video footage.
Once you have captured your image with consistent lighting and sound, you can easily cut and edit footage to create the sequence you need. The controlled environment allows you to keep the same camera angles, same light and color, and consistent sound quality so you can easily cut and paste images onto the backdrop of your choice, without having to worry about fixing shadows or editing out background noise. This saves a lot of time in post-production!

3. Quicker production time.
A controlled environment and consistent footage make creating and editing your photos and videos a much faster process. With less to edit, there is less time spent in post-production and more money saved in the long run. The same footage shot on-location would not only take several days with set-up, breakdown, and camera adjustments; it would also cost much more after travel expenses, especially if there is a full video crew involved. The green screen footage can be repurposed in many different ways, with many different backdrops; once it’s captured, it’s ready to use however you want! Many companies use green screen footage for marketing videos, TV commercials, and videos for the web.

Green screen technology is necessary in today’s fast-pace world of production. Without chroma key technology, the process of producing high quality photos and videos can be very difficult and expensive. For more information on how green screens can work for you, contact the green screen team at In Focus Studios to set up your next photo or video shoot!

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