3 Situations In Which You NEED to Hire A Professional Photographer

3 Situations In Which You NEED to Hire A Professional Photographer

While almost everyone has access to a camera these days, there are certain situations where you should not rely on the quality of your camera phone to take professional pictures. Despite the improving capabilities of smartphones and digital cameras, there are certain events where you really need to have a professional photographer, with a truly artistic, creative eye, to capture the event as it is meant to be seen. The following are just a few major scenarios where you need to hire a professional photographer to get the best shots.

Corporate or Business Event

If you are planning a large company event, like a business seminar or summit, you should have photos taken of the keynote speakers, the guests, presentations, vendor booths, and everything that shows your company’s involvement in a professional setting. However, it’s not enough to snap a photo of your CEO on the podium from the fourth row, with somebody’s head in the shot. A professional photographer can get the difficult, up-close-and-personal shots, and capture everyone’s best angle in high definition. There will be a lot going on, and the last thing you need is to worry about who’s getting what pictures and where.

Company Photo Shoot
Trying to put faces to the names of your employees? Don’t settle for a dimly-lit headshot taken in front of the break room wall. A professional photographer adjusts the light and positioning of each employee to make sure everyone looks clean, professional, and their overall best. Green screen technology can be used to place every employee on the same backdrop; the photographer can even place a little branding in the background, if you want! Without this professional touch, your branding and company image or reputation could greatly suffer. Make sure everyone looks their best with a professional photographer.

Community Event or Festival
If you or your company will be involved in a local community event, like a charity function, celebration, or festival, you’ll want to capture the best moments forever. A professional photographer can take high-quality photos while you and your colleagues focus on having fun! There’s often a lot of movement at social events like these, and a high-definition camera is needed to eliminate motion blur and awkward lighting situations. Sure, you can snap a few pictures of your own, but a photographer can get pictures of everyone, for everyone to enjoy, making it a memorable experience for everybody involved.

If you are planning a corporate function, social event, or a company photo shoot, you really need to contact a skilled, professional photographer with a lot of experience with these types of situations. The photographers at In Focus Studios have shot photos and videos at live events across North Carolina, Maryland, and the Washington, D.C. area for over ten years. If you would like to see how our photographers can capture the best moments of your next event, give us a call today!

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