Video SEO and What it Means for Your Business

Video SEO and What it Means for Your Business

One of the hot key terms being thrown around in today’s marketing world is “video SEO,” or video search engine optimization. You may come across many articles and blogs claiming to “demystify” video SEO or provide simple, fast solutions to help your website rank on the first page of Google with video. Be wary of black hat companies claiming to get your website on the first page FAST with video SEO. The truth is, doing video SEO the right way takes a lot of time – it’s a long-term strategy, not a get-rich-quick approach.

What is video SEO?
Video optimization is the practice of creating keyword-rich video titles, descriptions, and meta data to help your video rank organically for specific keywords. First and foremost, your video should provide interesting, informative content. Think of it as a living, breathing version of your blog. Your title and video description should accurately depict what the video is all about. For example, if you produce a video about a new line of carpet cleaning products, your title, description, and meta tags should all contain the keyword “carpet cleaning product” somewhere in the text. This will help your video rank for that particular keyword. Additionally, creating a video sitemap for your website will help the search engines know to crawl your pages for video, and help your videos appear in search results, increasing the chances for increased clicks. Finally, sharing your video content through video networks like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and social media platforms will help generate traffic and engagement on your website.

How does video SEO help my website?
Search engines – particularly Google – favor web pages with video content. This is simply because human viewers prefer to watch video over reading long paragraphs of text. If you include a video on your homepage or blog that has a title and description relevant to the rest of the content of the page, that page is 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google. On the other hand, if you add a video just for the sake of adding a video – and “optimize” it with random keywords for which you want your website to rank, you are likely to get penalized for black hat SEO tactics, and fall down in the rankings. Google knows what’s really relevant, and they always know when you’re trying to play the system. Several black hat video SEO companies are pumping out low-quality videos just to slap on some keywords and push them out like spam. The key is to produce high quality video content with relevant, interesting information that appeals to your target market, and share it within your network – via social media, blogs, television, and other media – to get a genuine response.

How does video SEO help create new business?
With properly optimized video content, your website becomes the ultimate marketing tool. You will increase website engagement by as much as 75%, as visitors are likely to stay on your site much longer to watch your videos. With increased engagement comes increased conversion rates. Product pages with video are, on average, 72% more likely to sell than product pages with just text. Your customers want to see how your products and services work. Give them something tangible by creating informative videos that show the value and importance of what you have to offer. Make your videos easy to find by optimizing them correctly, with the keywords and phrases people are searching for.

Above all, the most important takeaway is to create high-quality, informative videos with your target audience in mind. If you don’t have the resources, look around for a reputable video production company with experience creating web videos for businesses. If you have any questions about creating videos for your business, contact the experienced video production team at In Focus Studios – we’d be happy to help!

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