FAQ’s About Football Recruiting Videos

FAQ’s About Football Recruiting Videos

I often get asked, “When should we start the football recruiting process for my son?” After speaking with several recruiters, their answer is during the junior season. They generally like to see highlights from the season and at least one game in its entirety. The highlight reel should be 2-5 minutes long. Recruiters look at hundreds of videos and though they are only 2-5 minutes, some do not watch the entire video. That being said, do not save the best for last. It is recommended that you put the top 10 highlights at the front of the video.

If you started the process during their junior year, the recruiter will then generally want to see the first 3 games from the athlete’s senior season. They want to see how the athlete has developed from their junior to senior season.

Another question we get asked is, “How many games do we need to make a 2-5 minute recruiting video?” That answer will vary based on whether the athlete is a starter, a lineman, defensive back, running back or quarterback. Let’s start with the lineman. It may take more games to capture 2-5 minutes, because their blocks or defensive stance will not necessarily be part of the overall play. Same holds true for the defensive back. Many high school teams do not throw the ball much. This makes it difficult to get enough footage. The average amount of games needed to capture enough footage to make a highlight reel for these players would be 5-6.

If your athlete is a quarterback or running back, the average amount of games to capture enough footage would be 3-4 games.

The last FAQ I would like to mention here is, “How do you frame the shot? Do you zoom in on my son or follow the ball?” The answer once again, depends on the position. If the athlete is a lineman, we typically show the entire offensive line and follow the player. This way the recruiter can see how the lineman’s block affected the play.

If the athlete is a running back or quarterback, we generally follow the ball. As you may know, they are usually involved with the ball on each play.

If you have more questions about the recruiting process, please contact us. 443-871-5624

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